Facade structures

Currently, structures which enable us to cover buildings with glass, polycarbonate sheets and other prefabricated panels are extremely popular.  Our constructions meet the requirements of architects, investors and designers for modern and simple coverings of buildings.

We deliver:

  • welded frames of curtain facades
  • anchor systems for fastening facade glasses
  • steel anchor points and coupling elements
  • covering of air-conditioning elements and other technologies on the facade or roof
  • individually designed structures according to the client’s wish

Thanks to our structures, we are able to implement technologically and artistically pleasing solutions of a noticeable design: aesthetically interesting combinations of aluminium, stainless steel and galvanized steel structures.

Our structures:

  • provide the support for most of sheathing materials
  • minimize wet processes on a building site
  • are designed for fast construction
  • are characterized by high-precision production
  • enable the assembly of the structure on the building site from individual light parts, which is advantageous on sites with restricted access
  • have careful surface protection which reduces structure maintenance