The main activities of SK Mont NJ, spol. s r.o. include 3 key directions: the production of constructional and technological steel structures, the production of lighting and floodlighting towers, and, finally, electro-assembling works. Thanks to many years of experience in the field and thanks to cooperation with reliable partners, we are able to implement all turnkey deliveries – from projection to production, the application of surface protection, assembly and completion of subcontracts at the building site.

The history of this company dates back to 1996 when it was established by the separation from the locksmith production of Elmos NJ, spol.s r.o. The seat of SK Mont is in the former premises of Ingstav Brno in Nový Jičín, on the street Svatopluka Čecha. This manufacturing facility was purchased by SK Mont in 1996 and the existing employees were given the opportunity to stay and work in SK Mont.  This event was the basis for the building of a team of experienced and loyal co-workers who currently form a big part of the company’s successful development.

The manufacturing facility where SK Mont is located was established by the national enterprise Ingstav Brno in 1972 and was then run by the state-owned enterprise Ingstav Brno.  Nowadays, it consists of 2 manufacturing halls, a covered warehouse and handling area, warehouse buildings and administrative building with a front facade on the street Svatopluka Čecha.  After taking over the premises, SK Mont made many improvements, especially with an emphasis on increasing the safety and comfort of work and on environmental protection.  Thus, the manufacturing halls were equipped with many new machines and an original boiler room for solid fuels was replaced with a gas boiler room.

The main production activity, which was brought by SK Mont to the newly-purchased premises, was the production of components for public illumination (towers and booms of all sizes).

The range of products was gradually expanded to include floodlighting towers used by Czech Railways, towers for traction mains of trolleybuses and trams, and railway traction.  At the same time, this production was accompanied by the production of atypical steel structures which was introduced during the time of a former owner.  However, Ingstav used the capacity of this production only for the needs of their own constructions.  After the fusion with its parent company Elmos, SK Mont took over all its activities in the area of electro-assembling works and cable tray deliveries.

Thanks to the Large Certificate of Conformity according to DIN 18800 part 7 for welding of steel structures in 2000 and the introduction of a quality system according to ISO 9001 in 2003, cooperation with customers from German-speaking countries increased and  the products of SK Mont were transported to the Philippines, Indonesia and China through them.  For local customers, we continued many investment projects including the lighting of large parking spaces at supermarkets. Columns from SK Mont illuminate the Ostrava section of motorway D47 which is currently being built.

Since 2004, SK Mont has been a member of the Stampa Group and within the group company culture, SK Mont is represented with a new logo and fully takes advantage of all synergistic effects.  The management of the company is represented by Ing.  Jan Heralt as an executive director since 1996 and Mgr. Tomáš Gröger, MBA as a representative of the parent company STAMPA Ostrava, spol. s r.o. since 2004.